Sushmita Sen & Lalit Modi Controversy

Sushmita Sen Lalit Modi
Controversy of Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi

Recently there are lot of discussions on relations between Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi after one post shared on social media (twitter/Instagram/face book). I am not able to understand that what it is in for everyone to discuss and questions them.

Some people have gone so low that started saying that Sushmita Sen is “Gold Digger” and started putting questions on her character on past. We all need to understand that Sushmita Sen does not need any fame or money, she got all this in early stage of life and also worked in 20+ movies so we all should understand that she is having enough money to live in this life for her and Kids. Lady who can adopt 2 kids and raising them with pride and without any help does not need money.  Now when it comes to “Fame” then Sushmita has touched the level of fame which every female on this earth (not India) dream off every day. She was crowned with Miss “Universe” that means female who is best on this earth with beauty and brain both.

Everybody is free to get married or remarriage in every age and definition of life partners changes with every age. Today even if Sushmita wants to settle her life by finding a suitable partner, do you think that it will be some Rickshawala or normal person like us??? Definitely it will be either from Bollywood or rich businessmen and Lalit Modi is not worlds or India richest person for which we are making so much issue. He is businessman who made good money in life, money enough to live this life peacefully. He is more famous for his work in IPL as it was his brain child. Whether you accept it or not, IPL is going to be biggest sporting events of future. It is not only helping talent across world to recognize at India level but also helping pump in lot of money in economy. IPL is best gift for BCCI/India to sustain financially for future ever without worrying about financial expenses. Due to IPL, Indian young cricketers are getting opportunity with huge money, Money which before IPL era even successful cricketers like Kapil dev never thought. We used to hear stories that ex world cup player found working on some shops to survive but after IPL so much that if any player who has played few years even in IPL not in Indian team will be well settled in life financially.

What is happening between Lalit Modi and Sushmita should not be anyone concern and we should respect privacy of even celebrity and it should not matter for us what they do in their personal life until they are doing any crime. Sushmita Sen do not need money to survive nor Lalit Modi needs fame to be in lime Light, they know each other from years and were good friends in past and what they doing in present and what they will do in future, that are their own personal choice and we as fan or critics should respect their privacy.

World is having more issues to discuss than these issues which are of no use

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